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Producer memberRajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal, Ajmer

About the Organization

Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal is an Ajmer based organization, started its intervention in 1990. They are pioneer in the field of rehabilitation of mentally challenged in the Ajmer district. It is running ‘inclusive education’ at primary level and the vocational training workshop: Daksha. 51% of persons within the organization and Daksha unit are persons with disabilities.


‘DAKSHA’ vocational training cum shelter workshop was established in year 2006 for extending the facilities of vocational training and changing lives of youth with special needs. At this centre young adults 15 years and older, are trained in pre-vocational and vocational skills, focusing on developing social skills and employability skills.


DAKSHA vocational training centre also aims to rehabilitate persons with special needs within the community and has placed 40 persons with special needs within the community through their employment counseling programme.   


The Venture Idea

Transition of the existing 3 units of Daksha workshops into an independent social enterprise which will manufacture and retail wood craft products in three categories:

• Lifestyle & decor

• Stationary

• Educational toys and teaching aids

Cumulative 11 products in 3 categories each with demonstrated marketability and revenues of INR 2.95 lakhs in 2009-10

• The new entity will operate either as a co-operative or a private limited company.

• It will surrender all training roles to Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal and will operate and focus on production of goods for retail and for employing persons with disabilities.


Number of persons with disabilities engaged

• 40-60 individuals with special needs are currently engaged in the 3 units of Daksha. The new social enterprise will engage upto 27 persons with disabilities in the direct management operations over 3 years.

• 51% of all staff members will be persons with disabilities; 51% of the Daksha board will also comprise persons with disabilities; profit sharing envisioned among Board members.


Incomes for persons with disabilities

• As a registered company and/or co-operative, all employed staff will need to be compensated according to the minimal requirements of the state of Rajasthan.


Projected Sales/Revenues: 

Sales of INR 2.7 Lakhs (Year 1), 

3.4 Lakhs (Year 2), 4.1 Lakhs (Year 3) 

Break-even and profits from Year 3


Start Up! Investment Required : INR 6.5 Lakhs


An established organization with ‘winning products’ looking to spin off its vocational centre into an independent social enterprise.

Colored powders for Holi and Rangoli & Vermi-compost

Holi Color
producer member

Society for Child Development, Delhi


About the Organization

Society for Child Development is a Delhi-based organization with a range of creative, high-quality lifestyle and stationery products with strong marketing linkages with the government and the corporate sector.

Society for Child Development works with more than 500 persons with disabilities in 40 institutes producing of a whole ‘trash-to-cash’ line of business (tapric, recycled art paper for artists, recycled cloth bags etc).


The Venture Idea

• Setting up of Avacayam - a ‘triple bottom-line’ venture that converts waste flowers into organic herbal colors and organic manure as a residual product. The first venture in the market to re-use waste flowers.

• The venture will transition into a larger business entity called Trash to Cash. Will operate as a network enterprise model where other NGOs working with persons with disabilities will engage in the collection, sorting and pre-production stages; the central manufacturing unit will be owned and controlled by Trash to Cash and the marketing will again be driven by a network of NGOs.

• The venture generated 15 tones of herbal colored powder in 2009-10 and close to 20 tonnes in 2010-11 with 572 persons with disabilities from 40 organizations involved.

• Aims to scale to 5 cities over 3 years under the Trash to Cash entity. First level explorations begun.


Number of persons with disabilities engaged

• Numbers not indicated, though 25-30 will be employed in Avacayam’s central manufacturing unit.

Incomes for persons with disabilities

• As a registered company all employed staff will need to be compensated along minimal requirements of the NCR.

• The decision on the earnings of members engaged in the preproduction unit will be left to the heads of the respective CSOs.


Projected Sales/ Revenues:

Sales of INR 32 Lakhs (2010-11), 41 Lakhs (2011-12), 55 Lakhs (2012-13)


The business estimated to generate profits of INR 7.9 Lakhs


An innovative ‘triple-bottom line’ venture which has demonstrated profitability, now gearing to scale to 5 cities as a new company through a network-enterprise route with other CSO.

Aloe Vera Cosmetic & Herbal Products

Aloe Vera
Producer member

Manav Kalyan Evam Utthan Samiti, Uttar Pradesh


About the Organization

A rural organization, based in Gazipur district, UP, with more than 200 persons with disabilities being served from their centre. They work for the education and empowerment of the mentally challenged and people with multiple disabilities in the district.


This organization provides vocational skills to the persons with disabilities for typing, stitching, embroidery, planting and production of aloe vera and amla products.


The Venture Idea

• Production, packaging and retail of aloe-vera products (cosmetic gel, juice, shampoo) and amla juice.

• Choice of business based upon prolific growth of aloe vera in the area.

• Raw material is grown within the campus and has market potential in itself.

• The venture idea has been piloted and the organization is now looking to scale up operations.

Number of persons with disabilities engaged: 25

Projected Sales/Revenues:

45.8 Lakhs (Year One and Year Two) 61.8 Lakhs (Year Three).


The venture turns profitable by Year

One (INR 129938)


Start Up! Investment Required: 10-15 Lakhs


An innovative venture that maximizes the potential of aloe vera (grown abundantly in the area) and enables rural persons with disabilities to engage in the entire production processes through technological enablement

Textile products using Kantha stitch

Producer member

Rampur Haat Spastics and Handicapped Society, West Bengal



About the Organization

A rural organization, based in Birbhum district of West Bengal, facilitating more than 52 persons with disabilities and their families in economic enterprises.


This vocational unit has grown aggressively over 10+ years without any grants; based on creative, local resource mobilization it indicates an entrepreneurial bent of mind.


The organization provides the vocation training on the production of textile products with Kantha stitching.


The Venture Idea

• Kantha embroidery on Tussar sarees, ladies blouses, churidars and bags and retail of the same in local markets at competitive prices.

• Choice of business determined after extensive, though informal market research and in response to the demand for non-conventional Kantha products.

• The venture idea has been piloted and the organization is now looking to scale up operations.


Number of persons with disabilities engaged: 52

(Persons with disability & their family members)


Projected Sales/Revenues:

24.4 Lakhs (Year One) 25.6 (Year Two) 26.9 Lakhs (Year Three).


The venture turns profitable by Year One

(INR 11 Lakhs)


Start Up! Investment Required: 5 Lakhs


A venture in remote West Bengal that is driving entrepreneurial thinking among persons with disabilities and their families.

Artificial Coral Reef

producer member

Arshad, Group of Special People – Delhi


About the organization:

About two years ago Arshad, a person affected by polio, started his small business of producing artificial coral reef for aquariums in East Delhi.


This organization is working with persons with physical disability, Cerebral Palsy, Autism & multiple disabilities. He has trained and involved 7 people with disabilities from resource-constrained communities from his area in the production unit to produce high quality and beautiful products.


Arshad and his group were finding problems in the marketing of their products and hence came to ARUNIM to find solutions and technical support.


The Venture Idea

• Artificial Coral Reef


Projected Sales/Revenues

• Sales - 9.74 lakhs

• Profits – 3.86 lakhs


Start Up! Investment Required: 0.8 Lakhs


Production and manufacture of artificial coral reef for Aquariums - The first local producer in Delhi markets

Art & Handicrafts work training cum retail outlet


Sangeeta Verma, Miracle Amazing Art - Madhya Pradesh


About the organization

The organization was started by two sisters: Rita Verma & Sangeeta Verma, from Ratlam. Both are born artists with Cerebral Palsy. After becoming an ARUNIM member, Rita Verma came to Delhi during an exhibition in Dilli Haat to showcase and demonstrate her skills.


She took great interest in applying for the E3 challenge with the idea of taking her venture ‘Amazing Art’, an art and handicrafts work training cum retail outlet to another level.


Unfortunately Rita expired after a sudden cardiac arrest on 10th March, just one day before the E3 winner announcement. She has been a true winner throughout her life and now, her sister Sangeeta Verma who is equally talented, is taking her dreams forward. As a true entrepreneur Rita will remain alive in our hearts forever.


The Venture Idea

Art & Handicrafts Work training cum retail outlet

Nos of persons with disabilities engaged: 5


Projected Sales/Revenues: 1.32 Lakhs


Start Up! Investment Required: 5.15 Lakhs


An artist and an entrepreneur who sells her painting and wants to train many more.