Capacity Building and Training
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Capacity Building & Training

This year ARUNIM focused on the capacity building programs as per the requests & demands of NGO members. To solve their queries about how to convert their sheltered workshops into the micro enterprise, how to do product costing & pricing? What products they should produce in their production center, how to improve the quality & create market worthiness of their existing products and many more such issues.

To find answers to all queries ARUNIM networked with many organisations for resource designers & trainers for three core areas:

  • To assess and evaluate present products
  • Design intervention and quality improvement
  • Introduction to micro-enterprise  

We requested member NGOs in different regions to facilitate ARUNIM in organizing the workshops regions wise for local coordination & logistic arrangements. We appreciate and thank those NGOs and its team for coming forward and taking the lead to host the trainings and making the participants feel very comfortable and safe.

All this would not have been possible but for our trainers who are renowned resource people in their own field and took time out to impart skills and knowledge  and facilitate the process of handholding members through their learning process.

We invite and look forward to have support from many such resource volunteers who would be interested to share skills and expertise.